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Aerial Photography & Photogrammetric Mapping Request for Proposal

Contact Information

Company:_________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________ _________________________________________

Contact:_____________________________ Phone:____________________Ext.________ Fax:_________________________________ Email:________________________________

Project Information

Project Name:___________________________________ Number of Acres:_____________
USGS Quadrangle:_______________________________ State:______________________
Township:______________________________________ County:_____________________
Project Terrain:
City =________% Rural =________% Woods =________% Open Fields =________%

Photography Requirements (Please indicate preferences)

Use of Existing photography is dependent upon availability.
Photo Enlargement YES or NO ; Size =_______ Digital Orthos: YES or NO
Scanned Photo:YES or NO

Ground Control Requirements (Please indicate preferences)

Ground Control Survey by: Nor East or Client Control Diagram Required: YES or NO
Map Scale 1" = ________' ; Topographic Contour Interval: ______' or Planimetric Only

Deliverable Requirements (Please indicate preferences)

Digital Format :________________ Release:________ ***All digital data is delivered on CD-ROM.

Map Specifications (layers, linetypes, colors etc.) : Nor East or Client Provided

To obtain a price quote please call, email or print out, complete and mail or fax this form and a copy of the appropriate USGS Quad (xeroxed is fine) with the photography and mapping areas clearly outlined to the address below. Thank you for your consideration, we will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Ronald Henry, C.P.
Nor East Mapping, Inc.
76 Larson Road, P.O. Box 270
Kylertown, PA 16847-0270

God Bless America
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